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Hauntingly Chic Halloween Décor

In this spine-tingling episode of "The D-List," Jason and Debrae invite you to join them on a thrilling journey through the world of Halloween interior design. As Octo...

Getting your home ready for Fall (Vegas Style)

Welcome to another engaging episode of The D-List, your go-to weekly mini show that delves deep into the world of design. Join your hosts, Jason and Debrae, as they un...

Outdoor Living 2023

On this episode of The D-List, join us as we delve into the world of outdoor living in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. While many might associate Vegas solely with its ...

Arches, Dome Ceilings, and Craft Rooms. So in this year

Discover the resurgence of arches, coved ceilings, and the practical appeal of craft rooms as design elements that are making a strong comeback in 2023.


Discover how rugs serve as both practical and artistic elements in interior design, acting as the foundation for color palettes and setting the tone for furniture and ...

2023 Design Trends P3

Explore the trend of giving new life to family heirlooms and vintage pieces by seamlessly incorporating them into contemporary spaces, bringing a touch of nostalgia an...

2023 Design Trends P2

Discover the exciting trends of 2023, including the rise of attention-grabbing statement lamps with unique bases and ceramic shades, as well as a return to personalize...

2023 Design Trends P1

Explore the hottest trend of 2023 in home design - the dedicated listening room - where you can indulge in playing instruments or enjoying your favorite music playlist...

Season 3 - Decorating For 8 Crazy Nights

Discover how to adorn your home for Hanukkah with a focus on blue, silver, and gold decor elements that symbolize the purity of God and the festival of lights, creatin...

Season 3 - Make it look like "Christmas Threw Up All Over Your Home"

Get expert tips on last-minute holiday decor, from porch pre-lit garlands and scented wreaths to tabletop twinkling lights, woodland creature displays, and a festive e...

Season 2 - Design Starts At The Front Door

Learn how to create a welcoming and cozy home by considering essential design elements such as weather-resistant doormats, fireplace updates, and soft furnishings that...

Season 2 - Bring Outside Colors Inside

Incorporating earthy tones like greens, terracottas, and browns into interior design is reshaping spaces by infusing them with the vibrant colors of nature.

Season 2 - Repurpose With Style

Repurposing and reusing vintage pieces in interior design, sharing stories of how transforming old furniture through sanding, painting, and creative modifications brea...

Season 2 - Sustainability

Bringing the outdoors indoors through sustainable furniture and materials, emphasizing the importance of environmentally conscious choices for a healthier and more res...

Season 2 - Bring The Outside In

The rise of nature-inspired design, incorporating natural materials, and the principles of biophilic design for a healthier and sustainable home.

Wallpaper in Spring

Not everyone has the patience for paintjobs. Debrae offers some tips for selecting and applying wallpaper in your home so that you can reap the rewards of recoloring a...

Curve Appeal

Spring breathes new life into every facet of our daily lives. For this episode of the D-List, Debrae reworks some interior design tips for the exterior of your home!

Storage Concepts

With many of us downsizing or adding new appliances or clothes to our homes and wardrobes, Debrae offers some tips for managing all that clutter.

Staycation tips in Spring

Not everyone can afford a luxurious vacation. Sometimes we need a retreat back into our homes to get away from the chaos of the outside world. Debrae offers some tips ...

Eco-Friendly Spring

With Spring bringing a rush of life into home decorating, Debrae offers some tips for responsibly updating and maintaining the unique beauty of your home.

Design Trend Rebirth

Debrae Little discusses various design trends from the past that have received new life just in time for Spring.

Bedroom Improvement

Take your bedroom to the next level with a selection of tips for updating bedding, decorations, and furniture for the Spring season.


How to use color to brighten up and reinvent your home for the Spring Season

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